Die Mommie Die!

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By Charles Busch

Directed by Chris Harmon

Production: 1/17/25 – 1/26/25 

Auditions: November 4 & 5, 2024

Die Mommie Die! is a comic melodrama evoking the 1960s “Grande Dame Guignol” films that featured aging stars such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Lana Turner. Ex-pop singer Angela Andrews is trapped in a hateful marriage with film producer Sol Sussman. Desperate to find happiness with her younger lover, an out-of-work TV actor named Tony Parker, Angela murders her husband with the aid of a poisoned suppository. In a plot that reflects Greek tragedy as well as Hollywood kitsch, Angela’s Elektra-like daughter Edith convinces Angela’s emotionally disturbed son Lance that they must avenge their father’s death by killing their mother.