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Robin, The Witch and The Challenge

April 22 – May 1, 2016 Auditions: March 14 & 15, 2016

By Craig Sadaro

Fridays at 7pm

Saturdays at 7pm

Sundays at 3pm

The Sheriff of Nottingham has had enough of Robin Hood. He has asked sorcerers far and wide to help him get rid of the good thief. Maudlen, the most powerful of all sorcerers, agrees to help the Sheriff on the condition that he marry Marian, Maudlen’s ugly daughter. The Sheriff agrees and Maudlen sends Robin Hood forward in time. The Sheriff then goes back on his promise to marry Marion since Robin can’t possibly return to 1185 A.D. until, as the curse says, “pigs fly”. Robin and four of his Merry Men end up in Camp Ethel Rudd in modern day America, right in the middle of a reality TV series called Fox Camper Challenge. Four teams are competing for a five million dollar prize. One team can’t make it so Robin and his Merry Men are signed up as replacements. The challenge begins. Maudlen sends the Sheriff of Nottingham and his squire, Nitpik to the same time and place because he had refused to marry Marion. The Sheriff and Nitpik capture Robin, causing the Merry Men to plot a way to get him back.

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