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Babes In Toyland

Performances: November 30-December 9, 2018

Auditions: September 30-October 1, 2018

By Rebecca Ryland

This children’s melodrama that takes us to Mother Goose Land and Toyland.  Our heroine is Mistress Mary Quite Contrary, who has her heart set on marrying the heroic Alan.  But Alan’s uncle, the villainous Barnaby, is set on marrying her himself, threatening foreclosure on her mother if she refuses.  Mary escapes to the mysterious Toyland through the dangerous Spider Forest, where Alan finds and saves her.  Barnaby pursues Mary and Alan to Toyland, bringing the whole gang of Mother Goose Land characters with him.  There we encounter the magical mystery of Toyland as we meet the Master Toymaker and his quirky assistants Grumio and Marmaduke.  When Barnaby gets his hands on the Master Toymaker’s machine and creates a toy soldier army, it seems all is lost.  In an exciting climax, all the Toyland and Mother Goose Land characters work together to foil his plans and set everything right again.

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